Three Modern Types Of Linoleum Flooring And The Benefits Of Each

Linoleum flooring has come a long way from the roll-out stuff your grandma had in her kitchen. In fact, linoleum manufacturers have made some fantastic advancements since this type of flooring first appeared on the market in the late '40s and early '50s. Here are three modern types of linoleum and the advantages of each.

Stick-On Tiles of Linoleum

This type of linoleum is cut into squares or rectangular strips. Every square or strip has a super-sticky backing. You peel off the protective paper backing, flip the linoleum piece face up, and stick it on your floor. When applied properly, every square and every strip looks and feels just like rolled-out linoleum. It is the perfect solution for anyone who aspires to be a DIYer but has absolutely no experience in how to lay down any type of flooring.

Stone Tile Linoleum

This is one of the weirdest forms of linoleum you will ever see. Actual stone tile, cut to very thin slices, is attached to the top side of linoleum. Because of the stone in it, it has to stay flat and rigid. The flooring installation technician brings large sheets of this to your home, takes measurements of the floor you want covered, and then cuts the flat sections to fit through your doorways and into the desired room.

Here, the pieces are fit together like pieces in a Tetris game. They are often glued down so that they stay in position with the other pieces touching it. It is made to look like brick flooring, ceramic tiles, and even river stone or cobblestone. Some customers also use it to make their walls look like brick walls. The end result is a maintenance-free floor (or wall!) that never needs washing or painting and is completely waterproof.

Click-Lock Flooring

This type of linoleum is layered over thin wood or cardboard paneling. It is backed with a durable plastic coating to reduce snapping and breaking while in use. Special fit-together edges are on both longitudinal sides of every piece. It installs very quickly, is waterproof, sound-proof, and you can get it in just about every wood, stone, or linoleum pattern and style.

Click-lock flooring is preferred by many homeowners for its unique features and attractive patterns. Most of it tricks the human eye into believing that you are walking on wood or stone floors. If you touched it or removed your socks and shoes, you can feel that it is, indeed, linoleum.

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