Your Marble Is Vulnerable To Acid

Marble floors are very durable. However, it's easy to permanently damage your marble floor if you're not careful. You will need to use an effective sealer so you can make sure that your marble floor is sufficiently protected. You will need to find the appropriate sealer, test it, and then apply the sealer and clean the marble floor, especially to protect it from acids.

The Importance of Sealing Your Floor

Marble floors are more porous than other types of floors. If you do not seal your floor as soon as possible, you'll risk permanently staining it. Even after you seal it, if you have a spill on your marble floor, you'll want to clean it up as fast as possible because you will still risk staining your floor. 

The Acid Problem

One of the most important characteristics of a marble sealer is that it is acid-resistant. One of the most well-known characteristics of marble is that it is very vulnerable to acid. Fortunately, there are some marble sealers that are formulated to improve acid resistance. Make sure that the sealer is a type that is designed specifically to seal marble. If you choose a type that doesn't seal marble, you may cause damage to your floor. For example, you do not want citrus ingredients or linseed oil. Do not use surface sealers.

When you are cleaning your marble, make sure to not use harsh cleaners such as Windex and Lysol. Instead, you will simply want to use warm water and gently scrub the marble floor until you have cleaned up the mess. Do not use vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. 

The Application Process

When you are applying a sealer, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. There are different instructions depending on which product you are using. How you should apply the sealer will vary depending on the type of stone you're sealing and the type of finish you'll receive with the sealer. Usually, you'll need to spray the cleaner on the floor and then use a soft, clean cloth to rub the sealer into the floor.

If you are not sure about how the sealer will respond to the floor, consider applying the sealer to a small area and then waiting 24 hours before checking to see if the sealer has affected the floor. But when you seal your marble floor, you'll be able to enjoy it for much longer and you won't have to worry as much about your floor becoming damaged by acid.