Your Marble Is Vulnerable To Acid

Marble floors are very durable. However, it's easy to permanently damage your marble floor if you're not careful. You will need to use an effective sealer so you can make sure that your marble floor is sufficiently protected. You will need to find the appropriate sealer, test it, and then apply the sealer and clean the marble floor, especially to protect it from acids. The Importance of Sealing Your Floor Read More 

Three Modern Types Of Linoleum Flooring And The Benefits Of Each

Linoleum flooring has come a long way from the roll-out stuff your grandma had in her kitchen. In fact, linoleum manufacturers have made some fantastic advancements since this type of flooring first appeared on the market in the late '40s and early '50s. Here are three modern types of linoleum and the advantages of each. Stick-On Tiles of Linoleum This type of linoleum is cut into squares or rectangular strips. Every square or strip has a super-sticky backing. Read More 

2 Benefits Of Installing Floor Heating Cables

If you are in the market for a good heating system for your home, then you should definitely consider looking into floor heating cables. These are cables that are actually installed underneath your traditional flooring, and provide heat by sending hot water through the cables or tubes in your floor. It varies quite a bit from a traditional heating system, and has several great benefits. This article is going to discuss 2 of these benefits. Read More